Signs compromise reached

A defiant butcher has reached a compromise with the Timaru District Council.

Mark McDonald, of Export Meats in Church St, has removed one of the signs from under the veranda posts outside his business after a continuing dispute with the council.

The signs attached to the outer veranda posts have been in place for 14 years and will stay, but a sign that sat on the ground and which sparked a complaint has been taken inside.

The council received a complaint from an elderly man on a mobility scooter, who had problems trying to access the footpath, about being hampered by signage outside the store.

Mr McDonald said yesterday that he removed one sign and had been allowed to keep the others.

"Mayor Damon Odey has been in to see me twice; he had a look at it," he said. "I'm allowed to keep my signs; there's one sign I had to take down."

Mr Odey said he had spoken to council chief executive Peter Nixon about the matter.

"We'd seen what was going on and it comes down to common sense," he said. "There was a sign that was causing an obstruction ... We've been able to resolve it; we have bylaws and rules and you can't blame council staff.

"We are happy to move forward."

Council environmental health manager Jonathan Cowie said council staff were due to meet Mr McDonald yesterday "but the sign in question had been taken off the street".

The Timaru Herald