Gigs in our grasp

22:10, Jan 31 2014

Timaru has stormed up the Gigatown leaderboard to find ourselves in fourth place - a great position to be in as we only need to be in the top five to make it to the finals come September 30.

We can win this competition. It was only two months ago that we were 10th, and now we are in the running to take this out.

Mayor Damon Odey got behind the campaign and has learned how to tweet. If you're not following him on Twitter, make sure you do @damonodey.

Timaru managed to win the mini sign-up comp with 75,000 points. We beat every other town in the country. Now the trick is to stay there.

This weekend's mini competition puts another 75,000 points up for grabs, this time on Instagram at gigatowntim. What you have to do is upload photos about your dream gigahome, hashtag it with #gigahome and #gigatowntim.

You'll find more information on our Facebook page and at

Angus Westgarth has been appointed Timaru's Gigatown ambassador by Aoraki Development, Business and Tourism.


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