Ari finally realises his gym dream

19:23, Feb 03 2014
Arapeta Fenwick
WORKING OUT: Arapeta Fenwick has realised his dream and started a new gym called Rok Fitness.

Ari Fenwick has returned to Timaru from the Gold Coast and realised his dream of setting up a gym.

Rok Fitness opened just before Christmas and already boasts a healthy number of members keen to shape up in the New Year.

Mr Fenwick has been in the fitness industry since 1997.

"I started off trying to get a bit stronger for rugby as I was playing in Christchurch," Mr Fenwick said.

"I really got into weights and left my job screen printing to study weights."

In 1997 he did a fitness industry training course at CPIT and then came back to Timaru to work at the Fitness Studio when it opened at the Southern Trust Events Centre.


"I worked there for eight years, gym instructing and some personal training, and then managed the gym for two years."

He headed to the Gold Coast where he worked as a labourer and later in aged care to save for his long-term goal. The name of the gym comes from his time there.

"My mates and I in Aussie used to text each other and say we were going to rock to the gym that night. I've been in the industry so long and it has been my dream to open a gym. Once the Fitness Studio closed I saw an opportunity."

The client base will be limited to ensure he has personal contact with them, as well as personalised programmes.

The gym will be accessible from 4am until midnight.

"It will be results-focused. I've noticed a lot more girls lifting weights, which was a trend I noticed in Aussie," Mr Fenwick said.

"It's a good way to shift weight. You are lifting weights but not turning into a bodybuilder."

There were rumours that Rok Fitness was just for men, he said. However, it is a mixed gym with a number of female clients.

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