Incomes in south shoot up by a third

18:17, Feb 04 2014

Median household incomes have increased by a third across South Canterbury in the last seven years, according to 2013 census figures.

In the Timaru District the median rose 32 per cent from $40,500 to $53,700, while Mackenzie and Waimate each saw an increase of 37 per cent.

Mackenzie's rose from $40,200 to $55,100 and Waimate's from $35,200 to $48,300.

For the whole of New Zealand the median household income was $63,800, according to the latest breakdown of regional figures released by Statistics New Zealand yesterday.

In all three South Canterbury districts the number of superannuitants and beneficiaries brings the median income down.

Households earning between $20,000 and $50,000 numbered 7257, while those earning between $50,000 and $100,000 numbered 7071.


There were 3606 households earning more than $100,000.

In Timaru, by far the majority of people aged 15 or older were in paid employment, at 17,385.

A further 1572 described themselves as employers and 2013 were self-employed with no employees.

The Mackenzie has 1527 people in paid employment, 255 classed as employers and 396 as self-employed without employees.

Waimate had 2340 paid employees, 387 employers and 537 self-employed without staff.

The most common category of occupation for Timaru was labourers, followed by managers and professionals, whereas in the Mackenzie and Waimate, managers led the way from labourers and professionals.

The most common industry group for Timaru was manufacturing, followed by retail and thirdly the primary industry grouping of agriculture, forestry and fishing.

In the Mackenzie, the primary sector dominated, followed by accommodation and food services, and then construction. In Waimate agriculture, forestry and fishing were even more dominant, followed by manufacturing and retail.

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