Two kids and cars the norm

18:39, Feb 04 2014

If you are married, have two children, two cars and are Presbyterian then join the club.

Results from the latest census show those key aspects make up today's typical modern household across Timaru, Waimate and Mackenzie.

There are 8550 people across the three districts who have two cars in their households, including 6756 in Timaru, 645 in Mackenzie and 1149 in Waimate.

Across South Canterbury, 1539 households have no vehicles.

Presbyterian is the most common religion, with 8466 people claiming the faith, followed by Catholics, of which there are 7722, and Anglicans, at 7266.

Of the 55,626 people in South Canterbury, 29,868 identified as having a religion.


On the make-up of families, 6168 women across all three districts said they had two children, while 4863 have three.

There were 4941 aged over 15 with no children, but at the other end of the scale 522 have six or more children.

A further 708 objected to answering the question.

Of the people over the age of 15, 22,464 are married, 8235 are divorced and 11,592 have never married or had a civil union.

The Timaru Herald