Filming finishes for long short movie

22:37, Feb 06 2014
young filmmakers
AND ... ACTION: Tyler Baikie, far right, and his crew during the final day of shooting their 30-minute film. In the middle of the scene, from left, actors Isabella Wilkie and Clint Broomhall get into character while Brian McCarthy, Shaun Ellis, Jerry Westaway and Jordan Diamond work behind the camera.

Childhood memories inspired a long short film for a budding Timaru film-maker.

Former Roncalli student Tyler Baikie, 18, is embarking on his first big film project, making a 30-minute short film.

Taking aspects of stories from his childhood, the movie is about a girl who has mind powers trying to right the wrongs in her life.

Tyler and his team, made up of Timaru teenagers, finished the filming on Saturday last week.

It took six days of filming, including a 5am start and a 1am finish, to get everything they wanted.

He said there were 25 people involved during filming, although the first day only had three crew members, taking them half a day to get only a few minutes of screen time.


They used their own personal filming equipment, which meant if one guy didn't show up filming couldn't happen.

Short films are usually five to 10 minutes long, which means Tyler won't be able to enter any short film festivals, but he said he might look at cutting it down once finished.

Another plan for releasing the film is on the internet in short episodes to combat people's short attention spans.

The editing process is under way although will be halted when Tyler goes to study film at the Southern Institute of Technology in Invercargill.

"Editing might have to wait until a bit later this year. But I would rather wait and get something good."

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