Bike fanatic loves to ride the trails

Last updated 15:31 07/02/2014
stacey day
READY TO RIDE: Stacey Day loves to get out on her bike.

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This week's profile is on South Canterbury Bikewise co-ordinator Stacey Day, who also works as a School Travel Plan co-ordinator.

Favourite sports team?

It has to be the Black Caps at the moment - WOW haven't they done so well this summer - awesome change in attitude.

Just quietly I also support Timaru Girls' High School Rowing Team -having had both daughters row and cox for them I have to still be a solid supporter!

What charity would you give money to?

Cancer Society and Stroke Foundation

Are you a night owl or a lark?

I'm an early morning person, unless I've had a late night!

Are you a dog or a cat person?

Cat person, we have such a cool black cat called Momtaz with so much character I swear he's nearly human!

Most annoying celebrity and why?

If you can call him a celebrity it would have to be the "30 seconds Spray and Walk Away" man. My husband laughs at me every time he comes on - he knows it winds me up!

What are your thoughts on reality TV?

Enjoy watching The Amazing Race and can easily get caught up with MasterChef - all for ideas on travel and cooking of course!

What is your occupation?

I work as a School Travel Plan co-ordinator promoting actively getting to and from school which helps lessen congestion outside our school gates.

As part of that role I also coordinate with a fantastic committee the annual BikeWise campaign every February - we aim to get more people out cycling for recreation and also as a mode of transport - try it, I reckon you will be grinning from ear to ear.

What would you be doing if you weren't doing this?

I reckon my husband and I would make a great team guiding people on the mountain bike tracks down in Naseby, Central Otago - he doing the technical stuff and me just taking the chilled, laid back riders out!

Best advice you ever got?

Smile when you answer the phone.

Favourite other country?

Fiji for the chill-out factor and Canada for the adventurous stuff.

Do you have any hobbies?

Well biking of course! Plus I enjoy gardening, camping and travel - time spent with family is priceless.

What's the one single thing you'd really like to have an answer to?

This question!!

What is your favourite South Canterbury restaurant?

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Fusion would have to be right up there, particularly for a special occasion.

What do you love about the region?

Closeness to the outdoors, as well as being close to Dunedin and Christchurch for a spot of shopping every now and again.

What was your first job?

While a school student I mowed lawns for elderly folk in the weekends. My first job when I left school was at Canterbury Savings Bank in Christchurch.

What were you like at high school?

Sort of quiet ... Certainly not a trouble maker and had to work hard to get the academic stuff stuck in my head!

If you could live in any time in history, when would it be?

I kinda like living now in the present - seems pretty good fun to me!

What thing, besides family photos and pets and people, would you save if your house were on fire?

My really cool GT Sensor mountainbike - and I reckon I would have to make sure my husband's Ibis mountainbike was out as well!

Favourite line of Shakespeare?

Not sure - but how about Dirty Harry's best line ever - "Make my Day."


- South Canterbury


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