Not me, says stencil subject

18:45, Feb 10 2014
mystery graffiti
MYSTERY ART: Graffiti has been appearing around Timaru, including a stencil of Timaru man Ron Bishop.

Timaru man Ron Bishop is happy for any publicity, but he is not responsible for his latest appearance around town.

Stencils featuring the man's likeness have appeared in car parks, along with other imagery.

The Timaru Herald's attempts to track down the identity of the artist have been unsuccessful.

Aoraki Polytechnic tutor Wayne Doyle said he did not think it was one of his art students, but he admitted the work was "pretty professional".

Mr Bishop was unaware they existed. "I haven't even seen them yet ... but I'm always trying to get my face out there" he said.

"I'm flattered. I'm trying to get on the television."

Mr Bishop ran for mayor unsuccessfully in 2007 and 2010. Last year, he indulged in some graffiti work of his own - tagging the Hydro Grand Hotel with the phrase "The Wite Eleephant" in protest at the lack of work on the structure. He posted a video of his efforts on YouTube, and received a pre-charge warning from police.

Are you the mystery artist? Contact Matthew Littlewood at the Herald if you know the artist's identity.


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