More men among folk in 'unpaid activities'

19:15, Feb 13 2014
SHARED WORKLOAD: More men are reporting they do housework in South Canterbury.

Housework, cooking, repairs and caring for children are increasingly becoming both male and female domains across South Canterbury.

In the latest Census, 16,263 men and 19,080 women across the district revealed they do the chores for their household. Both those figures are up on the previous Census conducted in 2006.

The findings were part of an "unpaid activities" segment.

It looked at the number of people who care for a child who is from their household and from outside. It also looks at the number of people who care for someone who is ill or has a disability.

While most figures were up on the previous Census, the number of both men and women who look after a child belonging to their household has decreased.

In 2006 there were 4857 men looking after a child. That figure now stands at 4806. There were 6726 women caring for a child from their household in 2006; this has since dropped to 6528.


However, the number of men and women caring for a child who is not from their household has increased in the past seven years.

In 2006 there were 2073 men in that category, which has increased to 2106. There were 4386 women, which has also increased to 4419.

Of those looking after a member of their household who is ill or has a disability, 1083 are men and 1743 are women. In the same scenario, but caring for the person who is not from their household, there are 1302 men and 2787 women.

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