Message clear on romance's special day

19:17, Feb 16 2014
Carmen Rae examines her Valentines car(d)
WHAT THE ...? Carmen Rae examines her Valentines car(d) with a difference.

A Valentine car(d) with a difference came as quite a shock to Carmen Rae when she discovered her car "decorated" outside her workplace at lunchtime yesterday.

Ms Rae, sales and marketing manager for CBay, had arranged to go out for lunch with a friend, but her partner, James Liemburg, had other plans.

Armed with a white spraycan, Mr Liemburg wrote the words "Happy Valantines Day" all over her red 1998 Audi while an unsuspecting Miss Rae was busy in her office.

"I left work about 11.45 to go for lunch and there it was. I found it hilarious ... just like a Valentines card but missing the D."

Mr Liemburg then took her for a picnic lunch on the Bay.

"I thought it was a very good effort and give him 11 out of 10 for creativity but only two out of 10 for spelling. He was in a bit of a rush and misspelt Valentine," she said.

Ms Rae was not looking forward to driving the car home but has been told the paint will wash off. She believes it's a win-win as the car was due for a clean anyway. If it doesn't come off, she may be looking for a new car.

The couple met in Christchurch almost a year ago, with Ms Rae moving to Timaru in November. Mr Liemburg works on a dairy farm and was not available to defend his spelling lapse.


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