Resident upset drunk vandals rip down fence

17:50, Feb 16 2014
toss johns
ANNOYED: Church St resident Toss Johns is fed up with bearing the brunt on booze-fuelled antics.

Another Saturday night, another Sunday morning and more mess along the walk of shame.

Church St has long been the route to and from town for late night revellers and resident Tony (Toss) Johns has seen it all during his 20 years there.

It all came to a head yesterday morning when he awoke to find his fence ripped down. He was out till 10.30pm on Saturday and heard nothing overnight.

"They would have had to have swung on it pretty hard," he said.

The vandalism was part of ongoing problems along the street during weekends, he said.

"They seem to stop along here half way on their way to and from town at all hours of the morning. They just think they have the right to tear anything to bits."


Mr Johns, retired, said it would be a considerable cost to replace the section of fence.

"I'm not wealthy. It's ridiculous what they get up to. You hear them roaring and bellowing, they are out there swearing and cursing; every weekend is the same."

Mr Johns said a suitable way to curb the late night antics would be to shut pubs at 11pm and get all young people employed.

"When I was a boy the pubs used to shut at 6pm. All the teenagers used to have to work for a living in those days.

"They are sleeping all day these days and are up all night, they should be working all day; they are just doing this type of thing to entertain themselves."

Timaru police said they were aware of the situation.

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