Low student demand see courses dropped

Timaru's Aoraki Polytechnic
Timaru's Aoraki Polytechnic

Three courses have been dropped by Aoraki Polytechnic due to a lack of students.

The media communications and television production courses in Dunedin have been axed along with the sport and fitness course in Christchurch.

Aoraki chief executive Alex Cabrera said the programmes were not being offered in 2014 due to low student demand.

"Programme offerings may change at times depending on factors such as the demand for study, programme portfolio changes, and the region's educational needs at the time.

"The long-term viability of these programmes will be examined over the coming weeks before any permanent changes to the programme portfolio might be made."

Last week Aoraki announced six redundancies on top of 24 redundancies confirmed in December.

They have come on the back of financial losses and a drop in student numbers during the past three years.

Aoraki has also formed collaborations with CPIT and Lincoln University.

Mr Cabrera was the acting chief executive but has been appointed as the chief executive for a fixed term of two years.

"Regarding my appointment, temporary appointments do not have to be advertised and my appointment is temporary, two years.

"The State Sector Act requires the terms of employment of any chief executive in the education sector to have the written concurrence of the state services commissioner; that process is currently nearing completion," Mr Cabrera said.

"Had the commissioner taken the view that despite my appointment being only temporary the State Sector Act nevertheless required the position to be advertised, no doubt he would have raised the matter at the start of the concurrence process," he said.

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