Stabbing heard on 111 call

18:06, Feb 18 2014

A 111 call recorded the fatal moments as a Timaru man stabbed himself four times, the Coroners Court has heard.

Tony Francis Crammond, 44, died on Saturday July 28, 2012, following an argument with his partner. Initially police launched a homicide investigation.

Coroner Richard McElrea conducted an inquest into Mr Crammond's death in Timaru yesterday.

The court heard that at 10am on the Saturday, Mr Crammond's partner's brother arrived with a box of pre-mix vodka bottles and the three started drinking. They also drank wine.

The brother left at 3pm. In the early evening an argument developed between Mr Crammond and his partner.

At 6.47pm a non-speech emergency 111 call was made from Mr Crammond's phone which he threw on the couch.


The call recorded the couple arguing and Mr Crammond assaulting his partner and then threatening he would, "Do you now before the f...... police get here and do myself".

The transcript records the couple saying they loved each other then she said, "Oh God, don't do this to me, don't do it. What have you done. How can you do this, you idiot."

Mr Crammond said, "I love you, cause I'm sick of the arguing."

The partner can then be heard making a phone call to a friend and saying, "Hey f...... Tony just stabbed himself and there is blood everywhere. I said I loved him but he kept shoving his knife into my face. I've got a numb head, he hit me, it's the first time ever."

In a police interview she said there had been stress at the home because her son had been missing and she had asked Mr Crammond to get rid of his dogs.

Police and St Johns ambulance arrived. The paramedic gave evidence he found trails of blood from the lounge to the bedroom then to the toilet. Mr Crammond was using his arms to steady himself on the toilet and was grey and clammy.

In the ambulance on the way to hospital he repeated he did not want to die. He was taken into hospital but became unconscious and could not be revived. He had four stab wounds to his chest.

Mr McElrea decided to release the evidence, normally suppressed in self-inflicted deaths.

"The actions of Mr Crammond in inflicting stab wounds to himself can be described as bizarre. He was intoxicated with alcohol and affected by cannabis. It is likely the circumstances of his death have raised concerns about what others were responsible.

"I have given some indication of what my finding will be, mainly that the death was self-inflicted."

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