In-depth look into life of waterways

01:58, Feb 19 2014
russell armstrong, caroline mackay
EXCITING EXHIBITION: Museum workers Russell Armstrong and Caroline Mackey examine a Kotuku White Heron at the South Canterbury Museum's New Water = Life exhibition.

A new exhibition with an environmental focus has started at the South Canterbury Museum.

Focusing on two local waterways, the Orari River and Timaru's saltwater creek, Water = Life explores the geography of the rivers as well as human interaction with them.

Museum director and exhibition curator Phillip Howe said they wanted to choose two varying local rivers, one major and one slightly smaller, both rich in biodiversity and good and bad human interaction.

"Both waterways have been subject to pressure from changing land use, and both have been the focus of intensive efforts to protect or restore natural values."

He said they also aim to highlight the values of the river and how they affect humans and vice versa.

The exhibition involves visual aspects including slide shows, aerial maps and actual specimens of animals that inhabit the rivers like the whio/blue duck and white heron.


The Water = Life exhibition was developed with assistance from Environment Canterbury, the Orari River Protection Group and the Otipua Wetlands Trust.

Mr Howe said it is a chance to see something quite different and provide visitors with a clearer understanding about the importance of local waterways.

The exhibition is running until May 4.

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