Fundraising under way for charity shop rebuild

18:35, Feb 19 2014
st vincentde paul
WIP: An artist's interpretation of what the new building will look like.

Timaru's St Vincent de Paul Society is on a fundraising mission to help make its proposed charity shop rebuild possible.

The society is demolishing the building after engineers found it only met 18 per cent of the 34 per cent safety level needed under new earthquake standards.

Strengthening the Stafford St building was estimated to cost $250,000 to $300,000.

st vincent de paul
WIP: St Vincent de Paul fundraising and publicity officer Janine Tindall-Morice is looking forward to a range of ventures to raise money for the organisation's charity shop rebuild.

Committee members have opted to demolish the building and rebuild, which was expected to cost the same as, or slightly more than, the strengthening process.

St Vincent de Paul fundraising and publicity officer Janine Tindall-Morice said a range of fundraising ventures were under way to make the rebuild possible.

One of those projects is an Irish Night fundraiser at Caroline Bay Hall on March 15. Every cent from the [ticket] sales go to the project," she said.


"We have also submitted applications to charitable trusts. We've had a notification of success from one, the Lion Trust. We've got [others] out there pending. So those, coupled with public donations, will determine how soon the new building will go up.

"The sooner we can get the new building up and running, the sooner we can get the charity shop up and running again so we can get more income to benefit the community."

Until then, the St Vincent de Paul welfare office, including the foodbank, is operating from 92 Stafford St.

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