Celebrating 60 happy years

STILL IN LOVE: Mabel and Ben Ineson celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.
STILL IN LOVE: Mabel and Ben Ineson celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Celebrating 60 years of wedded bliss, Mabel and Ben Ineson were treated to a special lunch for two.

Elloughton Gardens organised the special meal for Mr Ineson, who is a resident, and his wife, for their diamond wedding anniversary yesterday.

They will also be joined by 36 family members and friends today, including some who have came from Blenheim, Pukekohe and Australia.

The anniversary is extra special for Mrs Ineson, because five weeks ago Mr Inseon was ill. "I couldn't have an anniversary on my own."

She said it was bitter-sweet in the morning, opening cards including those from the Queen and Governor-General on her own, but she visits her husband every day.

"Not because I have to, but because I want to."

Although the sun was shining for the couple yesterday, there was a gusty north-westerly on their wedding day in 1954.

Mrs Ineson said she was pleased that she only had a short veil to worry about, but the confetti caused more of a problem.

She remembered laying out newspaper to catch the confetti and Mr Ineson, forgetting about the wind, opened the window, sending all the confetti flying.

The 60 years have gone quickly for the couple, who agree they have had a wonderful marriage with hardly a cross word spoken.

"That's why it's lasted so long; we're compatible and have a mutual respect. He's a wonderful husband."

According to Mr Ineson it must have been love at first sight when they met through their church.

Mrs Ineson said her husband was always extremely shy and was terrified of all of her sisters, as he was one of six boys.

One of the couple's favourite stories was of when, on their honeymoon, the maid asked them if they were the ones who had broken the bed.

"We said no, she turned scarlet, and rushed away," Mrs Ineson said.

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