Earthmoving firm opposes quarry

Rooney Earthmoving has opposed an application to operate a new quarry in Rosewill out of concern around additional heavy truck movements already upsetting residents.

O'Neill Earthworks has applied for a land-use consent to quarry bluestone from Ben Johnson's property in Spur Rd. The application has been notified, with a hearing due to be held on March 18.

Residents have been complaining about the heavy vehicle traffic, dust and disruption in the area of Rolling Ridges Rd since last July, as trips to another quarry by Rooney Earthmoving trucks increased from three a day to nearly 30.

Rooney Earthmoving has since been given a temporary resource consent until April 25 to take 42,000 cubic metres of clay from its quarry which exits on Rolling Ridges Rd, with 96 vehicle movements allowed a day to the oxidation ponds.

Rooney Earthmoving submitted against the O'Neill application, saying the economic benefits did not outweigh the disadvantages and effects on the environment and community.

"The cumulative effects of the proposed activity and existing activities on the roading network are likely to affect residential activities in the area, given current residential unease relating to the use of the unsealed portion of Frasers Rd.

"There is known rural residential dissatisfaction with the existing level of use of Frasers Rd. It would not be prudent to allow another activity to access Frasers Rd due to the likely cumulative effect of existing activities and the proposed activity on the community.

"We accept that the applicant is proposing to widen a portion of Frasers Rd. However, this proposal will not be sufficient to account for the proposed activity as it will not mitigate potential noise and dust effects of a shingle road on neighbouring properties that will be exasperated by the proposed additional vehicle movements."

The Rooney submission was made in December and O'Neill Earthworks has since moved the quarry entry to Brockley Rd.

The Timaru Herald