Work completed on 800m port waste pipe

19:40, Mar 05 2014
A LONG CHUTE: The finishing touches are put on a massive pipeline which will remove trade waste from the Timaru port area.

Workers have put the final touches on an 800 metre long pipe that will carry trade waste from the Timaru port area.

The Timaru District Council's contractors completed the job last night. District services manager Ashley Harper said the job cost about $220,000.

"It's an absolutely marvellous piece of kit, it's top of the line high-density polyethylene, which means it won't corrode like the old pipes, and can carry a lot more material," Mr Harper said.


The pipe goes underground from Marine Parade to Virtue Ave.

"It's part of our waste management strategy. It will carry trade waste from the port, separate from the domestic waste. It's probably one of the longer pipes in the system," Mr Harper said.

He said the project would eventually join the North Mole at the port to the main trunk sewer.



Over the last decade, the council has been working through its wastewater management strategy, which has included a near-total overhaul of some systems.

This has included a new main sewer line from the Timaru Railway Station through three tunnels and out to Aorangi Rd.

Piping was also installed from Geraldine, Temuka and Pleasant Point to carry effluent to the Timaru treatment station.

Mr Harper said it was heartening that so much of the project was completed. "It's just great to see kit in the ground."

The Timaru Herald