Progress on new sundial

18:54, Mar 06 2014
FUNDS NEEDED: Christine MacLaren and Steve Hunter beside the sundial at Lake Tekapo.

The first stage in the construction of Tekapo's latest lakeside feature, a sundial, is almost complete.

The sundial was designed by Freidl Hale, and has been under construction since 2011. Putting up explanatory signs is all that is left to complete the first stage, local fundraiser Christine MacLaren said.

The team raising the funds had come to a standstill and required another $2000 to $3000.

"We have run out of money for the sundial at the moment," she said.

She has frequently seen people using the sundial and it was proving to measure time accurately, she said.

Tile mosaic kea feature in the middle of the analemmatic sundial, designed by her husband Colin MacLaren.

An analemmatic sundial is a type of horizontal sundial in which the shadow-casting object is vertical, and is moved depending on the date.

The time is read from the dial by noting where the shadow cast by the vertical pin crosses hour points laid out on the ellipse (or curve) of the dial.


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