Yes, we have very few bananas

19:25, Mar 09 2014
Judith Kitchen holds two of the last bananas available in Timaru
EDIBLE GOLD: Judith Kitchen holds two of the last bananas available in Timaru. They are in high demand because of a nationwide shortage of the fruit.

Bananas are not just the colour of gold, they could almost be worth their weight in gold, as a national shortage grips South Canterbury.

The nationwide shortage of bananas, caused by a cyclone, and a mechanical fault on board a ship en route to New Zealand, is being felt throughout the region.

Yesterday, a quick telephone survey found bananas are few and far between in South Canterbury. The only supermarket with bananas in stock was Countdown, on the corner of Victoria and Browne streets, in Timaru.

A spokesman for the chain said they were scarce, and was unsure when more would be arriving.

Mountain View On The Spot dairy assistant Judith Kitchen had sold what she believed to be the last three bananas in the store for $1 each. The customer had been unable to find any at the supermarket.

While speaking to The Herald, Mrs Kitchen found two more.

"I have gold in my hands," she said of her discovery.

Foodstuffs New Zealand group communications director Antoinette Shallue said allocation of stock continued to be monitored and normal supply was expected to resume within the week.


The Timaru Herald