Exchange brings closer Thais

Mountainview High School has welcomed 30 Thai exchange students.

The students from schools across Thailand and two teachers arrived in Christchurch on Thursday and had their first day at a Kiwi high school yesterday.

The eight weeks they are here will be full of Kiwi experiences, John Wilson, director of international studies at the school, said.

It was a "pretty" intensive programme where they would be emersed in the Kiwi way of life at school and during their homestays.

Activities planned during their stay include meeting the mayor, sightseeing around Timaru and time in Christchurch visiting iconic sights such as the International Antarctic Centre.

Yesterday was all about getting to know the school and town.

Mr Wilson said their level of English ranged from poor to very good and none of them had been to this part of the world before.

The school has a number of other exchange students from various countries including Germany, Japan and nations in South America.

As well as the Thai students learning about Kiwi culture, Mr Wilson said they added cultural value for Mountainview students.

"We can't take them [Mountainview students overseas] but we can bring the world to us."

The Thai students will be joined by 19 more later on in the term.

The Timaru Herald