View astronomy's stars from space camp

High-profile international astronomers are among the speakers planned for an astronomy camp at Raincliff in September.

They will be connected to the audience via an interactive internet hook-up and a large screen, and will be able to answer questions from the floor.

Joe Liske, of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Germany, is involved with development of the European Extremely Large Telescope being built on a mountaintop in Chile.

He has a following through the popular video podcasts, Hubblecast and Esocast.

Pamela Gay is a well-known American astronomer and science educator, and Warren Keller of the United States is a world-renowned astro photographer.

The camp, aimed at reaching a wider audience, is suitable for beginners and anyone interested in astronomy said Robert McTague, founder of the South Canterbury Astronomers Group, which is organising the weekend.

He will be one of four New Zealand speakers.

Organisers are aiming for 100 people to attend the weekend, which will include an open day on Saturday, September 20.

People can register for the event at It will be held at Raincliff Youth Camp from Friday, September 19, till Sunday, September 21.

The camp is on the same weekend as the elections, the date having been chosen before election dates.

Mr McTague said people could cast special votes or go to Pleasant Point.

The Timaru Herald