Sister cities link 6 students

19:34, Mar 17 2014
school exchange
SHOWING RESPECT: Timaru Mayor Damon Odey welcomes three Japanese students and their hosts, from left, Oscar Keys, Teresa Bernard, Yuna Akamae, Sota Kodera, Nagisa Funane and Ashleigh McRobie as part of the Timaru-Eniwa sister city exchange.

Students are preparing to share their cultures as part of a Timaru sister city exchange.

Three Japanese students from Eniwa, one of Timaru's sister cities, arrived at the weekend and were given an official welcome by the Mayor Damon Odey yesterday.

Sister city student co-ordinator Michelle Kelly said meeting the mayor was an important part of the exchange for the Japanese students to show their respect, and the same will be reciprocated when the Timaru students go to Eniwa.

Mrs Kelly said the three-week exchange is about total emersion into the different cultures.

For all the students it will be the first time visiting the exchange countries.

Mountainview High School student Teresa Bernard, 15, studies Japanese by herself and is looking forward to going to an international school.


Craighead student Ashleigh McRobie, 15, does not know any Japanese but is excited to learn a new language and culture, and to share the experience with her exchange student Yuna Akamae, 17.

Yuna and Ashleigh are looking forward to experiencing the different foods each country has to offer. Although communication is limited between Timaru Boys' High School student Oscar Keys, 16, and Sota Kodera, 16, they are able to bond over their passion for photography.

"We can still have conversations, it takes a little bit of work but it's good," Oscar said.

The Timaru students go to Eniwa in June, where they will experience a Japanese summer.

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