Recycling fees likely to go down

18:21, Mar 20 2014

Timaru District's social housing rents and cemetery fees might increase from June, but it could also cost you less to have your recycling bins collected.

The council's draft 2014-15 budget, passed on Tuesday, needs a 3.81 per cent increase in rates.

However, to balance the budget there are changes to user fees.

As well as the already flagged increase in adult fees for the CBay aquatic centre by 50 cents from June to $5.50, the budget also proposes a lift in social housing rents by $5 a week.

The increase is about a 4 per cent rise in the average weekly rental for the properties.

Cemetery fees could rise by an average 5 per cent from June - with single plots to rise from $850 to $900, and internment fees from $950 to $1000.


Chief executive Peter Nixon said the council had decided to increase these fees to keep up with general upkeep costs.

"We've still kept the rents well below market rates. The extra money will go towards improving the residents' facilities, such as their showers," he said.

The budget proposes dropping the average urban recycling rate from $318 per year to $303.

Mr Nixon said it could drop the rate because of the Redruth recycling facility's improved commercial performance.

"It's off the back of an improved economy. There is a lot more waste and recyclable material being used and sent to Redruth. As a result, we felt it would be fitting to reward the community by dropping the rate."

The draft annual plan will be open for public submissions next month.

The Timaru Herald