Proud pumpkin grower has plans

18:51, Mar 26 2014
Tyler Buckingham big pumpkin
LARGE OFFERINGS: St Andrew’s Primary School pupil Tyler Buckingham grew a 151kg pumpkin after a staff member propagated seeds for the children to take home and nurture.

What is big, orange and weighs 151 kilograms?

A St Andrews Primary School pupil's pumpkin.

Seven-year-old Tyler Buckingham grew the giant pumpkin after staff member Tim Nally propagated the Giant Atlantic pumpkin seeds for the children to grow at home.

Tyler's trick?

"I watered it daily, sometimes more than that," Tyler said.

The proud pumpkin grower said he was excited about the size, as pumpkin and potatoes were his favourite vegetables, and he was hoping to get some vegetable soup out of his effort.


But he had some other ideas on what he could do with it.

"I could cut it into pieces, and make a pumpkin castle or a pumpkin robot. Or a raft.

"Or we could make it into a jet boat by putting a motor on the back," he said.

Mr Nally, said he had been hoping one of the pupils would bring in a large one.

"The New Zealand 2013 competition winner for this type was about 918kg," he said.

St Andrews Primary School principal Steve Fennessy said it took three people to lift the enormous pumpkin off the truck.

"It's very big.

"We put the pumpkin on the scales here at school, and it blew them away.

"So we sent the pumpkin down the road to be properly measured," Mr Fennessy said.

The school had several categories for the pumpkins to be judged on, including biggest, smallest, and ugliest, he said.

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