Cutting edge of training

19:25, Mar 26 2014
fire fighter jaws of life
TRAINING CUT: Fire fighter Stu Harnett participated in the training exercise on motor vehicle accident extraction yesterday.

The Timaru Fire Service held a motor vehicle accident training exercise yesterday for firefighters at Timaru and Washdyke fire stations.

Six firefighters and two officers took part in the exercise, which involved them cutting up three vehicles over three hours.

Training officer Bob Mortimer said the only way to practise what it was like to extract people from a vehicle after an accident was to use real vehicles, with intact windows, glass, wheels and preferably a motor.

"It's invaluable training. The only way we can train for extractions is by using a real car," he said.

Obtaining vehicles to use was an issue, and they relied on members of the public to donate them.

"If you have one you want to get rid of, ring the Fire Service, and we will be only too happy to take them off your hands."


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