Rangers catch out forgetful anglers

18:39, Mar 27 2014

Fish & Game is frustrated too many anglers are still failing to take their licence when fishing at high-country lakes.

More than 40 rangers were at the high-country fisheries on March 23, as part of a training course.

Central South Island Fish & Game ranger Mark Webb, said that, while only eight anglers were prosecuted for fishing without a licence, another "18 or so" did not produce their licence when asked.

"We spoke to more than 240 anglers during the weekend, so that's a reasonable compliance rate," Mr Webb said.

"However, it's a bit frustrating that some people forget to bring their fishing licence. The usual excuse was that it was in their other box - they had decided to go trout fishing instead of salmon fishing, or vice versa."

Mr Webb said people who fish without a licence could be fined $500, while their gear was often seized until they paid the fine.


Anglers unable to produce their licence have "about a week's grace", he said.

Mr Webb said it was the largest exercise of its kind in nearly two years, with rangers from Central South Island, Southland and Otago taking part.

"We chose this weekend because we knew it would be busy, due to people coming to the area for the Maadi Cup," he said.

The Timaru Herald