Bitter - sweet taste of band success

21:03, Mar 27 2014
ruby fraser, kelsey scott
ROCKING PAIR: Members of the young band Bitter Class, Ruby Fraser and Kelsey Scott, who meet at the School of Rock holiday programme.

Their name may be "bitter" but two young musicians are strumming and drumming their way to success.

Ruby Fraser and Kelsey Scott make up two members of the band Bitter Class.

The two 16-year-olds met at the School of Rock holiday programme last year after being put into a group together. Groups were formed on the basis of musical taste and ability, and according to Ruby, the two of them had a natural musical bond straight away.

Ruby was already part of the band Bitter Class with her younger sister and best friend, and Kelsey joined them later.

The group has since become very successful, winning several competitions including Rockquest two years in a row and the Waimate AMP band competition, where they were the only band to perform original songs.

Winning major competitions such as Rockquest has been a big advantage for the band, giving them more opportunities to play their music and gigs. They are now dab hands at gigging and hardly get nervous when performing.


"We do a lot so we're used to it. We really prepare, hours and hours to get where we are," Kelsey said.

He has been playing music for the past five years.

He started off in the band as the bassist and has recently switched to drums. Ruby plays guitar and sings back up, as well as writing the songs.

She says as she has grown older she has more inspiration writing about experiences including jealously, which inspired her latest song Green Eye Monster.

Ruby and Kelsey said they want to continue to pursue a career in music. "Anything to do with music, I don't care if it's a music teacher or anything," Ruby said.

Their week at the School of Rock gave them insider advice on how the music industry works.

"We got lots of experience and lots of tips from really wise people and lots of good contacts," Kelsey said.

This year the programme is being run for a week in July at The Academy of Performance and Arts Geraldine with tutors Chris Matthews from the band Headless Chickens and Brett Lupton from Squirm.

They will be teaching young musicians songwriting, musical technique, studio recording and live performance skills.

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