Crash disaster averted

Crisis was averted when an LPG tanker collided with a power box in Timaru late last night.

The tanker driver was turning left out of Dawson St, onto Ritchie St, near the Timaru Port, when he clipped a footpath mounted distribution box.

He also crashed into a barrier arm, which hit a 2.5 metre high security fence, senior station officer Garry Parker said.

Police, fire and ambulance services attended the scene.

"There were no injuries, but very, very lucky it wasn't much more serious - a cool store on one side, a bulk fuel supply on the other side and an LPG tanker [was a bad combination], Mr Parker said.

"The potential was there for quite a catastrophic event."

Dawson and Ritchie Sts were cordoned off until power authorities declared the area safe.

The Timaru Herald