App a Sports Emmy nomination

16:00, Mar 28 2014

A Timaru software developer is on a team nominated for a Sports Emmy for an app created for the America's Cup.

James Sugrue said he was not expecting the honour, and found out via a colleague's Twitter account.

"I was like woo ah, cool.

"We're all super excited, stoaked to get any sort of accolade for our work," Mr Sugrue said.

The app allowed fans to view news coverage, listen to commentary, and watch races from all available camera angles - including from the boats themselves.

Mr Sugrue said the Dunedin-based company Animation Research Ltd (ARL), was asked to create the app by the America's Cup co-ordinators.


Although ARL was able to produce amazing graphics, it was the nuts and bolts they needed help with.

"They just happened to ask a friend of mine in Dunedin who they should bring on board," he said.

He said the app was exciting to be involved in making, as people were able to relate to what he did for a job.

"Usually when I explain to people what I do, their eyes glaze over after three minutes.

" When I said I was working on an app for the America's Cup, they all knew what I was talking about, and were finally interested," he said.

However the best part about the nomination, was being nominated alongside world-class developers, which legitimised their work, he said.

"It proves you don't need to be based in San Francisco to do a quality app.

"As long as you know what you are doing, you can do a world-class product in Timaru."

He said the team did not expect to win, however being nominated was more than they could ever have expected.

The Emmys will be announced May 6 in New York.

The Timaru Herald