Still air grounds 'dream' balloon

02:52, Mar 31 2014
dream balloon
FLYING TOUR: The Mike Pero House balloon inflated in Timaru for the morning but is currently not flying due to unpredictable breeze direction.

Launching people's dreams is the inspiration behind the Mike Pero flying house - a giant hot air balloon set to lift off from Timaru, as soon as the wind co-operates.

''The flying house represents the dream of buying a home and making what may seem to be impossible, possible,'' said Garry Dobbs, mortgages advisor for Mike Pero mortgages.

The house is almost seven storeys high, contains over 150,000 cubic feet of hot air - enough space to house over 35 semi-trailers and features two cats lazing on its roof.

However, a lack of wind has kept the balloon close to the ground on Theodosia St in Timaru today and, by lunch time, Dobbs said the balloon was unlikely to rise.

The balloon, which takes about two hours to inflate, is in town for one day and will be in Dunedin tomorrow as part of a nationwide tour which started in Auckland on February 26.


The Timaru Herald