Less crime, nice place to live

18:57, Apr 01 2014

Crime fell 3.7 per cent in Mid and South Canterbury last year.

Annual crime statistics, out yesterday, show offences reported in the region fell from 5370 in 2012 to 5170 last year.

Mid and South Canterbury police area commander Inspector Dave Gaskin said this was a clear indication that South Canterbury was "still one of the best places to live in, in comparison to the rest of the Canterbury region".

A notable decrease was drug offences, down 20.1 per cent from 339 in 2012 to 271 in 2013.

"We are a very active police force and, if you commit a crime in our region, chances are you will be caught," he said.

Overall, drug-related offending in the wider Canterbury area decreased 25.3 per cent to 1373 in 2013, generally reflecting the national trend.


The Mid and South Canterbury area experienced an increase in unlawful entry and burglary-related offending, up from 560 in 2012 to 619 last year.

The resolution rate rose in most major offence categories, including homicide and related offences, dangerous or negligent acts, robbery, unlawful entry with intent, and public order offences.

A 2.4 per cent increase in prohibited and regulated weapons and explosive offences was recorded.

"They are firearms offences in relation to breaching the Firearms Act, like illegal possession of firearms," Gaskin said.

Abduction, harassment and other related offences against a person, including breaching Family Court orders, increased by 7.8 per cent.

"The increase in certain offences could be because of the population increase from 2012-13.

"We are well aware of the figures and so far the results we have achieved are due to a sustained campaign over a long period of time, but we are not finished and we will continue working hard," said Gaskin, adding South Canterbury police worked in a "safe and helpful" community.

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