Charities get bike ride funds

19:05, Apr 01 2014
charity bike ride
HANDOVER: Organisers of the Central South Island Charity Bike Ride distribute the cheques to representatives from the eight charities benefiting from the funds raised.

More than $190,000 raised by this year's Central South Island Charity Bike Ride was distributed to eight charities yesterday.

Alzheimer's South Canterbury, South Canterbury Hospice, Bellyful Temuka, Family Works, SC@Heart, Riding for the Disabled, ADG 101 SC and He Manu Hou are the charities to benefit from the ride.

Those representing the charities already knew what it would go towards.

He Manu Hou, an early learning childhood centre, will put its $10,000 donation towards setting up an early childhood centre.

Riding for the Disabled received $10,000 towards training volunteers, which means it can grow its new sensory trail.

SC@Heart will be using the $26,600 it received to start up a funeral grant and to assist pre-natal mothers going to Auckland for treatment.


Alzheimer's South Canterbury will use its donation for client social and support groups.

Teen parent and domestic violence programmes will be aided by the $26,600 given to Family Works and Presbyterian Support South Canterbury.

Bellyful Temuka, which makes meals for families who have new babies or are struggling with illness, did not have a specific project in mind but worked out the $10,000 could buy three years' worth of mince.

Hospice SC will use the $80,000 it received to provide continued care for patients.

ADG 101 said the $10,000 it received couldn't have come at a better time as it will use it to update its computer systems, with support for Windows XP being discontinued this month.

This year was the biggest ride, with 184 participants. More than $1 million has been raised in the 10 years since the ride began.

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