Man jailed for interfering with children

20:14, Apr 02 2014

A Timaru man has been sent to prison for 16 months for interfering with two young children.

Danny Lawrence Bade, 25, was found guilty on two charges of indecent assault and three charges of doing an indecent act.

His partner was babysitting the victims, a 5-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy, at the time the offending took place.

Bade appeared in the Timaru District Court before Judge Joanna Maze yesterday, about five months after the first offence occurred.

Defence lawyer Douglas Brown said Bade was remorseful for his actions. "He has asked me to pass on an apology to the mothers of the victims and the victims. It's an offending he deeply regrets."

The offending did not involve "skin on skin" contact and took place over a short period of time, Brown said.


Bade exposed himself to one of the children and moved clothing aside on the other while closely observing the child.

As the judge read her summary of facts, Bade stood in the dock, hanging his head.

"These were two little children. You continued to the point where the child was distressed in each case. The impact of the behaviour ... was worsened by repeating the offending against them.

"You had access to those children because your partner was babysitting and, given their extremely young ages, they were very vulnerable. They are small, not able to keep themselves safe."

Both children were victims of more than one offence, she said.

She took into account Bade's prompt guilty pleas, which meant the children did not have to be dragged through a court case.

The judge also accepted Bade was "extremely remorseful" for his actions. However, she noted he was still a risk to society.

"The risk that this could occur again remains random and likely, particularly if you do not receive appropriate therapeutic intervention.

"Your level of self-control is lacking considerably," she said, also noting it was not his first offence of this kind.

On the two lead charges of doing an indecent act, Judge Maze sentenced Bade to 16 months' imprisonment, a psychological assessment and counselling, as recommended by the psychologist.

On the other three charges he received nine months' imprisonment on each, to be served concurrently.

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