King hit broke victim's jaw

A "heated exchange" between two men has left one with a conviction.

Cody Lee Hillegers, 22, a truck driver, of Temuka, pleaded guilty to assault when he appeared in the Timaru District Court yesterday.

Judge Joanna Maze sentenced him to nine months supervision, and to pay $1600 reparation. She also ordered him to complete a drug and alcohol assessment.

The situation unfolded when Hillegers and his victim started arguing in a bar. They agreed to meet on the street for a fight. Once outside, the victim was "blindsided" by Hillegers who threw a "king punch", knocking him to the ground.

"You punched the victim once to their face ... he required surgery to repair a broken eye socket and broken jaw. He would have been some time recovering from that one blow," Maze said.

Hillegers had shown remorse and a determination to make sure such an event did not happen again, she said.

The Timaru Herald