Region's high schools' NZQA results pleasing

South Canterbury high schools outperformed the national average in NCEA results for 2013.

The results released by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) showed that as a region, South Canterbury had more pupils than the national average who gained achieved and merit status, fewer who did not achieve pass status, and slightly fewer who achieved excellence.

A spokesperson for NZQA said the only anomaly was the group of nine Timaru Boys' High pupils who had not achieved University Entrance due to them doing a Gateway programme. The programme entailed subjects, such as construction and agriculture, which did not have a University Entrance eligibility element to them.

Timaru Girls' High principal Sarah Davis said although she was pleased with the overall performance of the school, she believed including the 10 pupils from the teen parent unit in the statistics skewed their results.

Davis said she is proud the school has the teen parents attending, but their circumstances meant they did not have the same time and energy to put into their schooling as the other girls.

"The statistics don't read as a true and accurate record," she said.

Craighead Diocesan principal Lindy Graham said she was very happy with how her pupils had performed.

"The results continue to be very strong because we know the girls very well. They are very strong and reflect the calibre of girls who consistently achieve across all fields," Mrs Graham said.

Meanwhile Twizel Area School principal Bill Feasy said he was really pleased with the level two results as all pupils passed. Level three results were a good strong group and level one was a "mixed bag".

Timaru Boys' High rector Nick McIvor was pleased with the results, but as he has only been at the school since the beginning of this year he intended to use the results to form education strategies.

"Academic achievement remains our priority," McIvor said.

Opihi College principal Mike Wright said they had not only outperformed the national average, they had achieved well above average for their decile ranking. Wright attributed that to the school's small classes and the high calibre of staff.

The principals of Mackenzie College, Mountainview, Roncalli and Waimate all said they were happy with their results.

Qualification / AwardStudent year levelNot achievedAchievedMeritExcellence
NCEA Level 11119.1%38.3%30.9%11.7%
NCEA Level 1124.3%48.6%40.0%7.1%
NCEA Level 1131.9%53.7%35.2%9.3%
NCEA Level 21133.3%66.7%0.0%0.0%
NCEA Level 2129.7%59.7%27.4%3.2%
NCEA Level 2133.8%65.4%25.0%5.8%
NCEA Level 31312.5%66.7%16.7%4.2%
University entrance1333.3%66.7%  
Mackenzie College
NCEA Level 1110.0%41.2%47.1%11.8%
NCEA Level 1127.1%39.3%28.6%25.0%
NCEA Level 1135.3%57.9%31.6%5.3%
NCEA Level 2124.2%54.2%20.8%20.8%
NCEA Level 2135.3%78.9%10.5%5.3%
NCEA Level 31315.4%76.9%7.7%0.0%
University entrance1323.1%76.9%  
Opihi College
NCEA Level 11111.1%70.4%11.1%7.4%
NCEA Level 1120.0%68.3%22.0%9.8%
NCEA Level 1132.9%73.5%23.5%0.0%
NCEA Level 21211.4%65.7%17.1%5.7%
NCEA Level 2133.1%78.1%18.8%0.0%
NCEA Level 31311.8%76.5%11.8%0.0%
University entrance1329.4%70.6%  
Craighead Diocesan
NCEA Level 1114.7%10.9%51.6%32.8%
NCEA Level 1120.0%11.9%44.8%43.3%
NCEA Level 1130.0%15.2%56.1%28.8%
NCEA Level 2121.5%27.3%42.4%28.8%
NCEA Level 2131.5%31.8%43.9%22.7%
NCEA Level 3*120.0%100.0%0.0%0.0%
NCEA Level 3134.7%32.8%46.9%15.6%
University entrance134.7%95.3%  
Roncalli College
NCEA Level 1112.7%61.1%29.2%7.1%
NCEA Level 1120.0%60.2%30.6%9.3%
NCEA Level 1130.0%52.9%34.5%12.6%
NCEA Level 2121.9%66.7%18.5%13.0%
NCEA Level 2131.1%55.7%31.8%11.4%
NCEA Level 3133.4%60.9%28.7%6.9%
University entrance1317.2%82.8%  
Mountainview High School
NCEA Level 11119.8%36.2%33.6%10.3%
NCEA Level 1120.9%59.8%30.8%8.4%
NCEA Level 1130.0%52.5%30.5%16.9%
NCEA Level 2110.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%
NCEA Level 2*1221.2%52.9%20.2%5.8%
NCEA Level 2130.0%56.9%32.8%10.3%
NCEA Level 31324.5%45.3%17.0%13.2%
University entrance1343.4%56.6%  
Timaru Boys' High School
NCEA Level 11120.3%48.6%29.7%1.4%
NCEA Level 1122.1%57.1%33.6%7.1%
NCEA Level 1130.9%63.2%29.1%6.8%
NCEA Level 21120.0%80.0%0.0%0.0%
NCEA Level 21210.1%58.1%22.5%9.3%
NCEA Level 2130.9%67.8%20.0%11.3%
NCEA Level 31244.4%55.6%0.0%0.0%
NCEA Level 31323.3%53.3%17.8%5.6%
University entrance12100.0%0.0%  
University entrance1328.9%71.1%  
Timaru Girls' High School
NCEA Level 1118.8%33.8%39.7%17.6%
NCEA Level 1122.7%42.5%46.6%8.2%
NCEA Level 1130.0%54.7%40.0%5.3%
NCEA Level 2110.0%100.0%0.0%0.0%
NCEA Level 2*1218.2%48.5%28.8%4.5%
NCEA Level 2134.3%69.6%18.8%7.2%
NCEA Level 31315.8%52.6%24.6%7.0%
University entrance1319.3%80.7%  
Waimate High School
NCEA Level 11130.0%44.0%20.0%6.0%
NCEA Level 1129.8%70.7%19.5%0.0%
NCEA Level 1132.4%64.3%28.6%4.8%
NCEA Level 21217.1%71.4%8.6%2.9%
NCEA Level 2139.5%59.5%26.2%4.8%
NCEA Level 31319.4%48.4%29.0%3.2%
University entrance1325.8%74.2%  
Twizel Area School
NCEA Level 11125.0%50.0%25.0%0.0%
NCEA Level 1*120.0%50.0%50.0%0.0%
NCEA Level 1130.0%80.0%10.0%10.0%
NCEA Level 2120.0%87.5%12.5%0.0%
NCEA Level 2130.0%77.8%22.2%0.0%
NCEA Level 31320.0%60.0%20.0%0.0%
University entrance1340.0%60.0%  
* = A small cohort message has been added where the cohort is fewer than 5 students.
South Canterbury
Qualification / AwardStudent year levelNot achievedAchievedMeritExcellence
NCEA Level 11114.2%42.6%32.7%10.4%
NCEA Level 1122.2%51.8%34.3%11.7%
NCEA Level 1130.9%53.6%34.6%10.8%
NCEA Level 21122.6%74.2%3.2%0.0%
NCEA Level 21210.5%56.0%23.4%10.0%
NCEA Level 2132.5%60.9%26.5%10.0%
NCEA Level 31240.0%60.0%0.0%0.0%
NCEA Level 31314.2%53.5%24.7%7.5%
University entrance12100.0%0.0%  
University entrance1324.1%75.9%  
Qualification / AwardStudent year levelNot achievedAchievedMeritExcellence
NCEA Level 11117.4%40.1%28.4%14.0%
NCEA Level 1125.7%52.9%29.3%12.1%
NCEA Level 1133.2%54.1%30.7%12.0%
NCEA Level 21125.4%50.0%16.6%8.0%
NCEA Level 21214.2%51.7%22.8%11.3%
NCEA Level 2134.5%60.2%24.3%10.9%
NCEA Level 31112.5%85.9%0.8%0.8%
NCEA Level 31219.6%54.9%16.3%9.2%
NCEA Level 31320.4%48.3%22.4%8.9%
University entrance1192.1%7.9%  
University entrance1245.3%54.7%  
University entrance1329.1%70.9%  

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