Vandal damages parking machines

19:45, Apr 08 2014
parking meter
VANDALISED: Land transport administration officer David Mealings, left, and contractor Alan Shaw at a broken pay and display parking machine ruined by someone pouring superglue into the coin slot.

Vandals have caused around $2000 damage to Timaru parking machines.

In the last four days, three pay and display parking machines have been damaged by someone pouring superglue into their coin slots.

Timaru District Council land transport administration officer David Mealings said each damaged coin detector was costing $500, plus the time of the contractor, to fix.

"All for the sake of maybe getting less than $10 out of the machine."

Contractor and electrician Alan Shaw said the coin detectors were sophisticated devices that could detect whether coins inserted were New Zealand currency.

They also returned change.

When the council received complaints about a broken machine not returning coins, Shaw replaced the unit.

The next day he found that it, too, had been ruined by superglue.


The Timaru Herald