All clear for corner traffic lights, at last

19:23, Apr 08 2014

After being held up by residents' concerns, the installation of traffic lights at the corner of Church St and Otipua Rd will begin later this month.

Timaru District Council land transport manager Andrew Dixon said concerns from residents had been resolved and work would start on April 22, coinciding with the school holidays.

"We decided to delay until the start of the school holidays to allow for safety.

"Residents were concerned with access to their properties and noise factors from vehicles accelerating. It has slowed the process but we have resolved the issues now."

Residents were not given compensation, he said.

Centennial Park Store had raised concerns about the loss of car parks because of the lights.


"There will now be some parks on Church St; under the original proposal there were none."

Former Timaru District councillor and traffic light proponent Terry Kennedy wrote to the Timaru Herald asking what had happened.

"Might I ask what has happened to and when are the traffic signals for the intersection of Church St/Otipua Rd being installed?

"Two years ago the Timaru District Council (of which I was a part) decided to install a set of signals. Councillors at that time were told the installation would be straightforward and they should have been operating by now.

"Prior to last year's local government election, funding was available locally, the only necessity at that time was discussion with any affected parties. Just before I left the council, staff informed me that the lights should be operating by Christmas. I presumed that was last Christmas not some years on.

"To me this is a case of work being held up with little or no information for ratepayers on a section of road which at times is dangerous."

The project is estimated to cost $200,000.

The Timaru Herald