Maize man in demand

19:18, Apr 09 2014
Maize house of horrors
AMAZING DEMAND: Amazing Maze creator Rory Foley could be about to embark on a new career - as a film producer.

South Canterbury's Amazing Maize Maze operator started this year as a farmer, but may end it as a film director.

Rory Foley's profile has recently increased due to his charitable work with both the Amazing Maize Maze and the Shadow Exhibition - an edgy art exhibition held to raise money for local make-up artist Martika Bennett, who wants to study in Manchester.

As a result, he has been asked to direct a short film, produce art exhibitions, and a group which is setting up a horror theme park in an old mental hospital in Wisconsin, in the United States, has asked him for guidance.

"I read the book Yes Man, and as soon as I started saying yes, opportunities turned up," Foley said.

"I never say no to anything, so who knows where this will all take me?"

Foley said he was extremely humbled by the positive attention he had garnered, including being featured on Sunday night's Good Sorts on TV1.

Currently he is working on a Haunted Hallway for Craighead School for this weekend, and has a couple of other fundraising activities in the region around the horror/zombie theme .

"Yeah, I take my own chainsaw," he said.


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