Mystery photos seek owner

17:00, Apr 11 2014
memory card
CARD SEEKS OWNER: Do you recognise any of the people in these photos, found on a memory card which turned up mysteriously in a Kiwi man’s camera bag?

What do you do when the card you want to transfer your camera's photos to turns out to be someone else's?

A New Zealander now working in Timaru, but usually based in Saudi Arabia, faced just that quandary not too long ago.

The man had bought a new camera and camera bag, but had not used the camera since last October.

He went to use it recently and while searching through the bag for a memory card, he found a 1 gigabyte SD card full of photos - but not his photos.

The photos appear to date from 2005 to 2010. Not knowing what to do with the card, he brought it in to the Timaru Herald.

The man was sent off to the police station, where the memory card will remain with lost property until claimed.

Herald staff are keen to reunite the owner with their photos, so if you recognise anyone in the images shown here, please email or phonereporters on (03) 687 1300.


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