Gigatown strikes a chord with Timaru

18:57, Apr 13 2014
gigatown timaru
NAME CHANGE: Even Timaru's signs are getting in on the Gigatown act.

Timaru's welcome signs at each end of town have had a facelift and are getting the thumbs up on social media.

Among the first to comment on the new look was Sandra Lindsay: "Clear and to the point! Love it. #gigatowntimaru."

"That actually looks really good. Awesome #gigatowntimaru", Marcus Dominey commented.

Welcome billboards are signed off by Mayor Damon Odey, who is leading the campaign for Timaru to win Gigatown. Timaru is currently in 5th place.

"Winning Gigatown would give Timaru the southern hemisphere's fastest internet connection; it's a massive opportunity for the growth and wellbeing of our town," Odey said.

Billboard designer Anna Guinan, of GoAnna Design, said several concepts were initially presented to Odey, with the web type banner proving to be the most popular.


"This then had to go through NZ Transport Agency approval to ensure the design did not impact on drivers' safety, due to it being located by a state highway.

"The previous billboards, with their ‘affordable, accessible . . . just plain awesome' slogan, created a great deal of comment when they first appeared. The new billboards seem to be doing the same."

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Sam Callander works for the ABDT.

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