Youth agrees blow could have killed

20:30, Apr 13 2014

An 18-year-old Timaru youth who put a man in hospital for 2 weeks with a head injury, has acknowledged he could have killed him.

Blake Tyler McDonald of Timaru was sentenced yesterday in the Timaru District Court on one charge of grievous bodily harm with intent to injure.

The charge was laid on April 17 last year.

Judge Joanna Maze said McDonald, who was 17 at the time, was out with a group of friends and came across the victim in a separate group.

"Everyone was affected by alcohol. One of your group punched another in the other group and abuse was exchanged.

"You then punched the victim once to the face, which knocked him backwards to the ground, his head hit the ground with such force he spent two-and-a-half weeks in hospital with a fracture to the skull, bruising and was left with a degree of facial weakness on one side (of his face).

"You recognise you could have killed this man."

He was ordered to pay $2109 in reparation and a sentence of 19 months' imprisonment was converted to eight months' home detention.


The Timaru Herald