Fire service praises occupants

20:40, Apr 13 2014

The occupants of a house in Cain St did all the right things when they discovered a fire in their oven yesterday morning, according to the Timaru fire service.

Senior station officer Garry Parker said once the residents realised there was a fire they did not open the oven door but instead turned the power off and went outside to ring the fire service.

Turning the power off stopped fuelling the fire and the fire service used a CO2 extinguisher, putting it out in about 30 seconds, Parker said. There was no smoke damage.

"If people have an extinguisher they need to take the time to find out which products it can be used on and how to operate it," Parker said.

He advises victims of small fires to contact the fire service even if they think they have put it out with their own extinguisher, so it can be checked and recorded.

He said information was collated and if, for example, the same model of heater caught fire more than once then the data could be used for a recall to prevent further problems.


The Timaru Herald