Card claimed but mystery unsolved

02:40, Apr 14 2014
found camera card
CARD SEEKS OWNER: Do you recognise any of the people in these photos, who were featured in photos on a memory card which turned up mysteriously in a Timaru man's camera bag.

Kay Gregory had no idea she had lost a memory card until photos off it appeared in The Timaru Herald.

The card was handed in to Timaru police after a man discovered it in his camera bag with no idea how it got there.

Gregory has since been reunited with her memory card after a family member alerted her.

''I had my sister saying that it had to be my card. The pictures are of my sister, dad and niece,'' she said.

The pictures on the card date from 2005 to 2010, and Gregory was unaware she had misplaced the card.

''I keep losing memory cards. They are easy things to lose. I thought my ex-husband had taken the cards. I had no idea that a card was even missing. I had even less of an idea about how it could have gotten into the man's bag,'' she said.

The man who discovered the card had last used his camera bag while overseas. The card is back where it should be but the mystery of how it came to be in another camera bag may never be solved.


The Timaru Herald