In the name of a little thingy

Last updated 05:00 24/04/2014
Flag poles
RESCUED: Greg Adams and Michelle Brown with one of the two flag poles they managed to borrow from Parr & Co for Anzac Day.

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If in doubt, run your idea up a flagpole and see if anyone salutes it - but what do you do if you don't have a flagpole?

If you are the general manager of the South Canterbury RSA, Michelle Brown, then you put up a message on a social networking site and pray a flagpole will turn up.

Brown put out the call on Facebook three days ago. It said: "Today I opened the box for the flagpole that the RSA owns only to find it needs to be fitted into a little thingy in the ground and there is not one at the [Caroline Bay] soundshell.

"I have borrowed one that can go directly into the ground without the little thingy - but would really like to fly the Australian flag as well - it is Anzac Day after all. Hence my need for one more."

In response to her plight Parr & Co, local structural, mechanical, heating and marine engineers, came up with the perfect solution.

"Apparently they sell flagpoles and I rather cheekily asked him [Chris West] if he could loan the flagpoles to the RSA for the day, and he provided us with two of them and I really, really appreciate that," Brown said.

"Now I can fly the Australian and New Zealand flags side by side."

It is this kind of gesture that she wished happened more often in Timaru.

However, once the problem of the flagpole was sorted, Brown was presented with a new problem and along came a solution in the name of Greg Adams. "I still did not have the thingy to fit the pole in and one of the RSA members, Greg Adams, came up with a fantastic idea showcasing the perfect wire 8 Kiwi mentality.

He decided to use a waratah and now we have a solution."

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- The Timaru Herald


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