Tapping into married life material

TIMARU VISIT: Rhys Darby is bringing his show Mr Adventure to Timaru later this month.
TIMARU VISIT: Rhys Darby is bringing his show Mr Adventure to Timaru later this month.

Canterbury holds a special place in Rhys Darby's heart - it was here he started tap dancing.

He may have only done four or five lessons but those lessons have had a lasting impact on his life.

Darby was living in Christchurch trying to break into the world of comedy when he met his future wife, Rosie Carnahan Darby. She was managing a bar and teaching tap dancing.

"I did them for the excuse to spend time with her. It was awesome but once I had her, I told her it was time for me to give away the lessons," Darby said.

Although they have now been married for 10 years and have two sons together, she has eluded being fodder for his shows, until now.

"I think she has accepted, because we spend all our time together, she is going to creep in there."

Darby said his previous shows have been all about him but his latest incarnation Mr Adventure tells the story of his army adventures, the Thai honeymoon, married life and time spent in Africa.

"She has had people coming up to her afterwards saying I can't believe he said that about you," Darby said.

He explained that's what married life is - a rollercoaster of emotions, where you love your partner but also sometimes want to throw things at them.

Carnahan Darby now manages Darby's career because she likes to be in control, the comedian with electric copper hair said.

"It works well. You can't have two people in a relationship who want all the attention."

Their two sons are a reflection of the couple. One is "doomed" to be an entertainer, the other will be in charge of a company Darby said.

For now Darby said his jokes still make them laugh but anticipates it might change down the track.

"If they say stop making dad jokes, I'll just say ‘stop making son jokes'."

Mr Adventure is on at the Theatre Royal, Timaru on May 28 at 8pm.

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