Wee Zoe becomes memorable Gretel

03:42, Jul 18 2013
zoe gordon
THE LITTLEST VON TRAPP: Zoe Gordon is playing Gretel in The Sound of Music.

The character of Gretel in The Sound of Music is arguably the most memorable of all the Von Trapp children.

She is the baby of the family of seven, and her sweetness has stolen the heart of many a viewer.

Zoe Gordon, 6, has been cast at Gretel in the South Canterbury Drama League's upcoming production of the musical.

She says she loves rehearsals but has had the cuckoo song stuck in her head for weeks.

Being the youngest in the fictional family has meant that Zoe attracts special attention. "They all make me feel really good," she said.

She has a lot of lines to learn, and her favourite one is, "I've got a sore finger."


Zoe is a pupil at Grantlea Downs school, and she says her friends and teachers are looking forward to watching the show.

She is "so happy and a bit nervous" about being on stage. She has never performed in front of a large audience but has enjoyed the experience and would like to do more in the future.

I explained to Zoe that people in the theatre say "break a leg" instead of "good luck".

She must have taken it in, because as she walked away from our interview she told her mother: "I'm not going to break my leg."

The Sound of Music is being staged at the Theatre Royal from September 13 to 21.

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