May 31, 2014: Police Notebook

An 18-year-old youth lost control of his car at the corner of Evans and Grasmere streets, causing a power outage at KFC just before midnight on Thursday.

A Marsden Rd resident reported a burglary in which two golf clubs were stolen from a golf bag stored in a garage on Thursday at 4pm.

A Temuka woman, 23, was arrested for possession of cannabis and an offensive weapon yesterday, and during the arrest process, a Temuka man, 21, was arrested for obstructing police.

A Timaru man was arrested on Thursday for stealing alcohol from a local hotel bottle store on five separate occasions.

A search warrant was executed on a Rhodes St, Waimate residence on Thursday morning and cannabis was found. Inquiries are continuing.

An iPod was stolen from a backpack at Caroline Bay skate park on Thursday afternoon.

A crash was reported in which a caravan, being towed, ran into a parked vehicle in Archer St on Thursday at 5pm.

The Timaru Herald