July 4, 2014: Police Notebook

Three 14-year-old girls were found in an intoxicated state on scaffolding at a building site on the corner of Le Cren St and Wai-iti Rd about 4am. Police returned the girls - one dressed in underwear and a puffa jacket - to their parents early this morning.

A car collided with the Fulton Hogan truck it was overtaking when the truck moved to overtake a stationary rubbish truck. The driver of the car lost control and the car spun out on the grass on State Highway 8 between Timaru and Pleasant Point at 1.30pm yesterday.

A Timaru man, 28, was arrested on Wednesday for theft after he admitted to unlawfully withdrawing cash from an eftpos card.

Police were called to Aoraki Polytechnic after a plastic bottle was deliberately placed in front of a fan heater and melted.

A Timaru woman, 45, was processed for drink-driving on Stafford St on Wednesday at 9.50pm, recording an excess breath alcohol reading of 666mcg. The limit is 400mcg.

A Timaru man, 46, was arrested for possession of cannabis on Wednesday.

The Timaru Herald