July 30, 2012: Police Notebook

Police were called to a Timaru address yesterday after an 11-year-old boy did a significant amount of damage to the property, a police spokesman said.

In other incidents in the police notebook from Saturday a drunk 19-year-old Fairlie youth was given a bed in the police cells after his attempts to get a ride home to Fairlie failed. The youth had been playing rugby in Timaru before he started drinking heavily.

He had become separated from his friends and was seen near the BP Showgrounds late in the evening trying to hitch to Fairlie. Police were called when he went to the service station and started making a nuisance of himself.

A man in his mid-20s was charged with disorderly behaviour and resisting police after an incident in Stafford St.

Eight doors in the games area at Caroline Bay have been kicked in and toys in one booth were thrown around.

A door was damaged at the Ashbury Croquet Club, possibly in a failed burglary attempt.

A Timaru man in his mid-20s was charged with assaulting a woman.

Three teenagers, aged 16 and 17, received infringement notices for breaching the inner city liquor ban.

The wing mirror was damaged on a vehicle parked in Le Cren St.

The Timaru Herald